Where Each Job is Done the Right Way the First Time


Backwoods Roofing, Inc. was established in 1997 in Edmond, OK. We opened our office in Keller, TX in 2001. We are a small company by plan. By staying small, I can assure the homeowner a Professional and Quality Job far exceeding the competition. Either a salesperson or I will lead you thru the re-roofing process from start to finish. We will strive to make this a great experience and one you will want to tell your friends about.

What separates Backwoods Roofing, Inc from the competition?

Backwoods Roofing Inc. will give a lifetime labor warranty with every job we do. This is unheard of in the roofing industry but it shows how confident we are with the quality of work we give. We pride ourselves in giving each and every homeowner the personal attention and quality that large companies cannot give. One area of specialization is insurance assistance. Our salespersons are trained to negotiate on your behalf when meeting with your insurance adjuster. Our goal is to leave the meeting knowing that your insurance company is paying for a new roof. Backwoods Roofing’s record of successful meetings with insurance adjusters is outstanding, with the insurance co. paying 9 out of 10 roofs. The homeowners’ percentages of having their insurance company pay for a new roof increase dramatically when a respected contractor meets with the adjuster on the roof.

Backwoods Roofing Inc will also accommodate your guttering needs. We use a respected gutter company to remove and replace your gutters. This makes it much easier on you by not having to find a reputable gutter co. The hassle of having to deal with the repairs involved with storm damage can be an inconvenience. Our clients have expressed their gratitude and appreciation for not only the great work that we do but also the ease in which the re-roofing process evolved. We strive to go out of our way to make sure this is a pleasant experience for every homeowner. Another area of specialization is strict job supervision. Your salesperson is required to be at your house for the majority of the day.

I firmly believe in our crews’ skills and workmanship as well as I believe that by having a salesperson on the job, you the homeowner, will get the best job possible. This also seems to put the homeowners’ minds at ease when they are unable to be home during construction. Your salesperson will make sure that you will always have a clear path in and out of your home. He is also responsible for making sure all landscaping is protected. We strive to leave the exterior of your home as clean if not cleaner than it was when we began.

Our crews have been with us since we started in 1997. Under no circumstances have we, or will we bring in out-of-town/state crews because our workload has grown beyond our capabilities. Many problems are avoided when a roofing crew has been with a company for several years. During our first year of operation, we used several crews until we found a couple that were impressive. With a little fine-tuning they have become more than I could have ever imagined. They make my job so easy. They are guys that I would trust with my kids. That is saying a lot considering the reputation roofers have today. I never worry about shortcuts being taken by my crews that could affect the future and warranty of your roof. Neither you nor I want to go to bed at night wondering if the roof over your head is the best that it can be. Backwoods Roofing, Inc. has an impeccable reputation. One we are very proud of. If you take pride in your home and expect nothing but the best, we are the roofing company for you.