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Roofing Tips

What you need to know when dealing with a roofing company 

  1.  Contact you local better business bureau to check on any complaints registered against the company. 
  2.  Ask for proof of insurance. Some companies claim to be fully insured but do not carry workers compensation. 
  3.  Does the roofing company have a supervisor on the jobsite? If so, who will be the supervisor and how much of the job will they be onsite. 
  4.  Is your salesperson local or have they been brought in under a local company’s name. Dealing with this kind of company could lead to un-warranted problems. 
  5.  Do not sign anything until you are positive you want to do business with that particular company. 
  6.  Ask for references, recent and not so recent. Unreliable roofers probably will not have older references. 
  7.  Never pay anything up front. Any respectable company will be able to cover the material and labor cost until the job is completed. 
  8.  What materials are being used by your company? Check with a local roofing supply company about the products being used. 
  9.  Do you have an ice and water shield (peel&stick) on low-sloped areas of underlayment? 
  10.  Do your crews leave 1″ clearance between the hot water heater and heating unit vent pipes and the decking? This is a building code. 
  11.  If my roof involves redecking, will the 1×4″ be moved so that all of the top and bottom edges of 4×8′ sheets will have solid decking under them. For photo examples click here